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USB Rechargeable HATV Portable Fan

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Introducing the USB Rechargeable HATV Portable Fan, your perfect solution for a comfortable, cool breeze on a hot summer day. This powerful little fan features three different speed settings, so you can choose just the right amount of airflow. The natural wind setting is perfect for a gentle breeze, while the fresh wind setting provides a refreshing blast of air. And for those really hot days, the strong wind setting will give you the cooling power you need. Best of all, this fan is foldable for easy storage and portability, making it ideal for taking with you on camping trips or to the office. Additionally, the HATV Portable Fan USB Rechargeable comes with a large capacity 7200mAh battery that can be recharged for extended use. It also features a mobile phone support function and power bank function, so you can charge your phone while enjoying a cool breeze. Made from durable ABS plastic and aluminium alloy, this fan is built to last. So beat the heat and enjoy cool, comfortable air anywhere with the HATV Portable Fan USB Rechargeable.


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