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EMS Muscle Stimulator Abdominal Body Slimming Belt

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Looking for a way to tone your muscles without having to go to the gym? Look no further than the EMS Muscle Stimulator Abdominal Body Slimming Belt! This electric muscle stimulator uses EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) to help tone and strengthen your muscles, with 10 different modes and 39 levels of intensity to choose from. The slimming belt is also equipped with an LCD screen that displays the mode and strength, so you can always keep track of your progress. The touch panel makes it easy to select the intensity and mode, so you can customize your workout to suit your needs. And because it's portable, you can use it anywhere, anytime. So why wait? Get the EMS Muscle Stimulator Abdominal Body Slimming Belt today and start toning your muscles!



Item Name: Ems muscle stimulator beltBelt length: 115cmUse for: Lose weight, slim, thin waist, healthy




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